Activating Windows 10 and 11 by phone

To start activation over the phone, you need to run the command prompt as an administrator. To do this, start typing Command Prompt (or CMD), in the search bar, right-click on the found application and select "Run as administrator"

The next step in the command prompt is to enter the command:

where "X" is your product key

After this, a window will appear indicating that the key you entered was successfully installed.

Then enter the command: slui 4

After this, the activation wizard will start by phone, which will ask you to select a country. Select your country, for example United Kingdom, and click Next

At this step, you will see the following window: it will contain the Microsoft Activation Center number for your country, as well as then Installation ID. You need to call the indicated phone number and enter this Installation ID from your phone into the automated telephone system.

Attention! In some countries, the numbers listed in the Windows Activation Wizard may not be available. In this case, on the Microsoft website you can find the current phone number of any country. Call any of the available numbers to activate and follow the recommendations of the automatic service.

Attention! You need to use your installation ID, which is exactly what you have in the Activation Wizard, all the illustrations in this guide are just an illustrative example.

The sequence when calling the activation center is approximately this:

When asked how many PCs have this software installed, you must answer 0.

The system will accept your data and dictate a response Confirmation ID. It must be entered in the appropriate field of the Windows Activation Wizard window. Click the Enter confirmation ID button in the wizard window and enter what the system will dictate. After you enter everything, click Activate Windows.