Activate Office by telephone

After the installation is complete, launch any application included in the Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and enter your product key. If after entering the key you receive a message that the Product Key has already been activated, then click the Back button and proceed to the next step.

Select "I want to activate the software by telephone" and click Next.

In the next window, pay attention to the group of numbers in Step 2. This is the installation ID, we will need it at the next activation stage.
Attention! You need to use your installation ID, which is exactly what you have in the Activation Wizard, all the illustrations below are just an illustrative example.

In order not to call the phone number indicated in the window, we will use the virtual activation assistant. Go to the following link:

Virtual Activation Assistant
*f this link does not work in your country, you can open it via VPN, or try alternative methods of obtaining a verification code described here.

An assistant window will open where you will need to select 6 Digits

Then enter your Office installation ID from the activation wizard window into the virtual assistant form and click the Submit button

The assistant will then ask you: How many computers have you installed this copy of the software?
Enter the number 0 and click Submit.

Next, the assistant will accept your data and show a confirmation ID.

Enter the Confirmation ID in the Office Activation Wizard and click Next.

Alternative ways to get a Confirmation ID

If the link to the virtual assistant in your country does not open, then you can use a VPN or other ways to bypass restrictions, or try the options suggested below.

Method 1

Go to

Method 2. Phone call

This method offers to make a phone call to the toll-free number of the Microsoft automated activation service, enter your Installation ID from your mobile phone and the system will dictate a Confirmation ID to you.

In the Office Activation Wizard window, you are prompted to select your country, choose yours, for example, United States. Below you may receive a message that activation of this product by telephone is not possible. But on the Microsoft website you can find a phone number of any country, for example, for United States it is a toll-free number 866-421-7141, сall this number and follow the recommendations of the automatic service.

The sequence is something like this: When calling, press 1, agree with the recording of the conversation, then press 3 - Office activation, then press 1 and enter the numbers to the system (from step 2 in the Office Activation Wizard window).

Tell the system the Installation ID consisting of nine blocks of 6 digits each that appeared on your PC.

When asked how many PCs have this software installed, you must answer 0.

The system will accept your data and dictate a response Confirmation ID. It must be entered in the appropriate field of the Office Activation Wizard window.

If none of the methods suits you, then take a screenshot of your Office Activation Wizard window so that your Installation ID can be seen, send it to us by email and we will send you a Confirmation ID in response!